Food integrity is important to us. It isn’t a term we use flippantly either.

Our animals are free to be themselves. Cows are free to eat grass as they were designed to while being free from grain. Chickens are free to scratch in the dirt and be in the sunlight. Our animals are free from antibiotics and hormones. Free is better.

Our Story

We started our own farm from the beginning of our marriage. Our goal was to grow and produce food for ourselves and know exactly what went into it from start to finish. We wanted to give our kids the best. We didn’t want them eating factory-raised, GMO stuffed, antibiotic loaded, vaccinated protein. With that goal already in mind, why keep all the good food to ourselves? So we aim to provide people with an opportunity to access natural, homegrown beef, chicken, and produce that is done right. We believe that good food is important. We strive to not only provide you with food that is good for your health, but also pleases your taste buds. One thing we can all agree on is that food should taste great, be healthy, and be real. Twin Oaks Farms, Real Food, Done Right.

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Free is Better

Our animals are free to roam, free to be, and free from antibiotics and hormones.

Faith and Family

Our animals are free to be themselves. Cows are free to eat grass as they were Faith in Jesus Christ, love for family, and a desire to produce real food is what runs this farm.

Grass Fed Beef in Minnesota

Our farm is in Floodwood, MN where the grass grows tall, thick, and lush. Our cattle are 100% raised entirely on grass, no grain allowed. (However, good cows might receive an apple slice every now and then). They are not stuck in a confined area wallowing in manure like typical beef from the store, but are in an open and spacious pasture.

Because our cows are free from grain, they don’t need to have antibiotics or hormones to help the cow’s digestive system cope with the alien grain. From field to table our beef is raised exactly the way God designed it to be, grass fed and done right.

Our beef is not certified organic. However, the only difference between our beef vs organic grass fed beef is a title. Our cows are raised in an entirely organic fashion. This means that they are only allowed to eat grass and they graze freely. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or any other nonsense is pumped into our animals.

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Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chickens are raised on pasture with cows in chicken wired mobile pens which are moved daily to ensure the chickens are always on fresh grass. This allows chickens to scratch and peck in an organic fashion while protecting them from predators. In addition to what food is naturally available, our chickens are fed a Non-GMO corn based feed from the local feed mill.

Our chicken is not certified organic, just like our beef isn’t. But our chickens are still raised in a completely organic fashion. They are everything a certified organic chicken is and then some, just without the organic title.

Real pasture raised chicken is raised on pasture having full access to all the sunlight, bugs, and grass that they need. To ensure that our chickens have that we move them daily so that they always have fresh, clean grass to eat and lay on. They are kept in portable chicken tractors with open bottoms that allow the chickens to scratch and peck while being protected from predators. This means that they are out soaking in the fresh air and sunlight and not being cooped up in a small pen.

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How Do We Raise Grass Fed Beef ?

Grass fed beef is raised all on grass. From the start calves are allowed to nurse on their mothers and are weaned at seven months. After being weaned, the cows are then raised out on pasture and graze solely on grass. Human intervention is minimal because the cows know what they need to do. We just make sure the cows have grass available and then let them do the rest.

What is Real Grass Fed Beef ?

Real grass fed beef is beef that is raised from start to finish entirely on grass. During the summer months our cows are allowed to graze the grass growing in the pasture. During the winter months our cows are fed hay that is made local in our area. It is beef that doesn’t have anything else added to its diet other than grass. Just about all beef is started out on grass, but it is how they are finished what makes the difference. Your average cow is raised on grass till around 16 months old. After that, they are brought to a feed lot to be finished on grain and this is where all the nonsense comes in. On the other hand, our animals are started and finished 100% entirely on grass.

How Do You Cook Grass Fed Beef?

There are many different ways to cook grass fed beef. You can grill it, smoke it, or slow cook it. One of our favorites is steaks on the grill. Another family favorite is a roast slow cooked in the oven. However, the possibilities are endless. Grass fed beef has an amazing taste that packs more flavor than grain fed beef (at least in our mind).

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What Are the Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef?

There are many different health benefits involved with grass fed beef. Grass fed beef has much less monosaturated fat as compared to grain fed beef. Grass fed beef also has as much as 3-5 times as many omega-3’s as compared to grain fed beef. In addition to that, grass fed beef has about twice as much Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) then grain fed beef. Grass fed beef is very high in important vitamins such as vitamin A and E. It also has more available creatin for muscle recovery.

Our Animals Are Free to be Themselves

Real Food. Done Right.

From start to finish, our products are exactly what we say they are.